Mobile updates – March + April 2017


Primul lucru care-mi vine în minte când mă gândesc la lunile astea două care au trecut (martie și aprilie) este, inevitabil, Israelul – o țară atât de diferită față de ce crede lumea despre ea (în special „lumea” care nu a fost acolo vreodată). Mi-am dorit atât de mult să ajung acolo în ultimii doi-trei ani și m-am răzgândit de tot atât de multe ori, încât nici acum nu-mi vine să cred că vacanța asta chiar s-a petrecut Download google chrome.

Dar pe lângă asta, s-au mai întâmplat și alte lucruri în ultimele două luni, lucruri despre care vorbim astăzi în cele ce urmează.





Israel, what an amazing surprise you have been for me herunterladen! Loved your people (both Jews and Arabs), your food, your beaches, your sunsets, your vibe, your streets, your stories, your positive energy. Such a great mix of cultures. Read more about my trip to Israel (Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Haifa) and see more pictures here wireless display!


Hello, Spring! @energiea.


Basically my whole (well, almost) life in one picture hahaha amazon stick app.


Reality versus what we post on Instagram hahha.


Inside the fitting room: at H&M and at COS beat saber lieder downloaden.


April 12th, 2017: blonder than ever.


1. sugar overdose at Coffeol;

2. love this fragrance from Jul et Mad with its exquisite dominating accord of pure Cambodian Oud;

3. after dyeing it for the fourth time, my hair started to feel (and look) pretty dry and damaged, so it requires some serious maintenance. The products I use right now are: “Shampoo for oily roots and dry ends” (with nettle and honey) from Apivita, “Moisturizing & nourishing conditioner for dry-dehydrated hair” (with almond and honey) also from Apivita and “Intense hydrating mask” from Moroccanoil;

4. brunch at Ză Lokal.


And so it begins (with a badass mirror selfie hahaha): Easter holidays in my hometown.


And so it continues: lots of selfies and laughter.


And so it ends: two days with snow showers at the end of April (April 2 versus April 20th).


Back in business after the Easter holidays. P.S.: this collage was made by one of my friends (go follow her on instagram here), who thinks I’ve gained some serious weight over the past few months, which, of course, it’s not true hahaha.


1. I like “bae” more than “duș”;

2. you don’t want to look desperate;

3. this year’s edition of Spotlight;

4. just do it.


Spring essentials:

1. beautiful leather espadrille from Walk and Love (bought in Thessaloniki);

2. set of six mini long-lasting liquid lipsticks from The Balm;

3. sheer detail glitter socks from COS;

4. leather sandal from Massimo Dutti.







Spent a few days at the beach in Greece at the end of April: Thessaloniki, Nea Moudania, Afytos and Kallithea (Halkidiki).


On my nails these past two months: “Sit me in the front row” (distinguished juicy raspberry – more here), “Merino cool” (a sensuous autumn mulberry) and “Flowerista” (passionate plum dahlia) from Essie.


Selfies of the month(s).

– FIN –

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