Mobile updates – September

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First of all the usual reminder: for my February, March, April, May, June, July and August mobile pictures, do click here tonstudio program for free. And now it’s time for September:

1 jaws download. while waiting for my car’s key at Auto Perugia;

2. 500 is for Fiat;

3. my favourite toy;

4 warcraft 3 reign of chaos for free. is this car super duper cool or what?

1 music videos for free. the three musketeers;

2. + 3. inside the fitting room (bought them both eventually);

4 alte schriften kostenlos herunterladen. colorful street art;

1. + 4. working on a Saturday evening;

2. yummy macaroons;

3. essentials of the day;

wearing stripes and checks on a warm September evening;

1. German buddies;

2. my favourite kid in town;

3. I wouldn’t mind this painting hanging on my walls at home;

4. some sweet gifts from Cologne and London;

live cooking session @ Mica Elveție – thanks to Chef Jakob Hausmann for a tastefully, delicious culinary experience!

right after my daily workout;

inside the Romanian Athenaeum;

shooting time: Bon Bijou jewellery (click here to see the pictures and to read the interview);

1. Congratulations to my friend Mirela for earning her PHD degree last month! So proud of you!

2. new babies;

1. “Everything is going to be alright”;

2. my favourite trainers;

3. Marciano wants to say something;

4. “Watch the sky”;

@work: the opening of WM Designer Concept Store;

a quick visit to Mobexpert;

I don’t like to go to the supermarkets but when I really have to, I try to spend more time outside than inside;

1. getting ready for beautiful Lisbon;

2. coffee and champagne @ Mica Elveție;

3. beautiful chandelier;

4. read all about it – click!

1. Angy is getting married in a little less than one month. Who would have thought? Wish you many many happy years together!

2. Bon Bijou statement necklace;

@ Sarto Made to Measure event (click here for more infos);

my favourite pieces from Luisa Spagnoli Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collection.

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