Mobile updates – September + October 2016


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Ne apropiem cu viteza luminii de sfârșitul acestui an, așa că un nou articol pe blog părea destul de necesar. Despre cum au fost lunile septembrie și octombrie pentru mine (plus pozele aferente) vorbim astăzi în cele ce urmează.

Enjoy google maps germany!


First things first: welcome Autumn of 2016!


Favorite snapchat filter herunterladen.


“Sit me in the front row” – my favorite shade from Essie’s new line of nail polish, Gel Couture (click here for more!).


Shades of gray: inside the fitting room at Zara tipico app download android.


Last wedding of the year and definitely my all time favorite so far. Wish you all the happiness in the world, Găbitz & Nicu!


Friends since 1997 verbandbuch herunterladen.


Celebrating love and a night to remember.


Yummy in my tummy: at Rue du Pain, Divan, my parents’ house and Origo hochzeitskarten kostenlos downloaden.


Selfies at the gym:

1. minutes before I experienced the most embarrassing fall of my life hahaha;

2. and minutes after I got my lower teeth’s braces off.


After 11 years of living in Bucharest, finally visiting this amazing place: the Palace of the Parliament.


And if you haven’t already, go see this beauty (the second largest administrative building in the world) with your own eyes.


Also my first time inside the Spring Palace, the mansion where Ceaușescu lived with his wife and children. The gold-plated bathroom fixtures, Elena’s closets and the mosaic-lined indoor swimming pool are surreal.


How beautiful is this floral print dress from Zara?


1. poem from Mirtha Michelle’s book “Elusive Loves” (follow her on instagram!);

2. time means nothing;

3. true story haha;

4. another true story hahaha.


Car selfies showcasing my (new) straight teeth, my Cluse watch, a present I got from a good friend of mine who recently visited Amsterdam and my Halloween outfit hahaha.


Let’s get stupid together!


1. + 4. Mango heel leather ankle boots;

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz;

3. Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease brush.


1. beautiful floor tiles at Divan;

2. inside the fitting room at Nike;

3. burning sky – Autumn sunsets;

4. Halloween sweets.


Home is where the light is!


Selfies of the month(s).

– FIN –

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