Mobile updates – September + October 2015


Toamna asta a fost una dintre cele mai frumoase și călduroase din ultimii (mulți!) ani. De fapt, nu-mi aduc aminte să fi văzut vreodată natura îmbrăcată în niște culori atât de intense și fermecătoare sau să fi stat la terasă în tricou la sfârșitul lunii octombrie așa cum s-a întâmplat în această toamnă kostenlos musik downloaden ohne registrierung. Din păcate, însă, toamna anului 2015 nu va rămâne în amintirea noastră pentru cele de mai sus, ci pentru evenimentele îngrozitoare care au avut loc atât pe plan național, internațional, cât și personal (cum s-a întâmplat în cazul meu și nu numai).

A fost o toamnă neagră în sufletele multora dintre noi și îmi doresc din toată inima să încercăm să ne vindecăm frumos, civilizat și cu foarte multă răbdare pre-rental contract free of charge.

Lăsând (aproape de tot) la o parte lucrurile negative, mai jos aveți povestea (doar partea ei bună) lunilor septembrie și octombrie. Enjoy!


Spending some quality time with my friends on a beautiful location outside the city firefox ipad pdfen. Pure bliss!



Inside the fitting room at Zara trying on some gorgeous pieces from their Fall/Winter 2015 collection: the little black dress, the high heel leather boots and the coats (got only the second one).


1 download here maps. hello from the other side! hahaha;

2. the exact description of the relationship I’ve always been having with my toothbrush – hope my dentist(s) won’t see this;

3. Autumn has to be my favorite season of the year;

4. so grateful for having you in my life.


Istanbul has been the city I’ve traveled to the most over the last five years and I love everything about it: so vibrant and fascinating, absolutely unique in so many ways, Istanbul is so different from all the other cities I’ve visited amazon download mac. It’s like a mix of the best of western and eastern. Read more about my latest trip to Istanbul here.


Days and nights in one of the most magical cities in the world instagramm fotos downloaden.


Inside the fitting room at Topshop in Istanbul.


Inside the fitting room at Zara in Istanbul (the beautiful, huge and exquisite store from Bagdat Caddesi on the Anatolian side of the city) download excel file.


Shoes I own (picture 1,3,4: Adidas Stan Smith, Mango buckle ankle boots and Nike Free 5.0 Running) and wish I would have owned (picture 2: lace-up heeled shoes with mesh detail from Zara).


Breakfast, red roses, coffee and souvenirs from Moscow ganzes album von icloud herunterladen.

IMG_4195 And, all of a sudden, another love story came to an end. The most valuable lessons I’ve learned from this experience? First of all: listen to what people don’t say! More often than not, actions speak louder than words graphics programs for free. Trust your intuition! Your brain can play tricks, your heart can blind, but your gut is always right. Always! And last but not least: don’t force it! Don’t force pieces that don’t fit. This being said, there’s always life after a break-up. Let’s all hope that one day someone will walk into our lives and make us realize why it never worked out with anyone else.   IMG_4191 “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” hahaha als csv herunterladen. Thank you for all your support and kindness throughout this hard time I’ve been having! Thank you for just being there for me!  IMG_4185 Inside the fitting room at Mango trying on these lovely dresses (in the meantime tights season has arrived).  IMG_4183 Four of my all time favorite high heels from Zara.  IMG_4186 Fooling around using a new funny app: MomentCam.  IMG_4202 Greece or Turkey? What would you choose? Having a traditional Greek lunch at Meze Taverna (Nicolae Tonitza St, 6) and sipping some raki at one of the most picturesque restaurants in Besiktas, Istanbul.  IMG_4201 1. + 2. +3. not my photos, but they were taken somewhere near my hometown and when I received them, they instantly cheered me up. Thank you for sending them to me! This past Fall was definitely one of the most beautiful and warm Falls I can remember. Too bad I wasn’t quite in the mood to enjoy it at its fullest. There is so much beauty around us and the more you look, the more you notice. 4. alongside these photo I also received my wisdom tooth that I had gotten removed two months earlier. Big decisions regarding my teeth had been made then.          

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