Mobile updates – September 2014


September, my favorite month of the year – here’s how it went by. ↓



Inside the fitting room at Zara trying to choose between these two. Haven’t made up my mind yet.


When in Barcelona, even the selfies turn out way much better.


Starting each day with a cup of coffee on the beach and a beautiful sunrise was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Barcelona (click here to read the whole story and for more pictures).


My face looks awful and I can barely stand up, but the energy, power and strength I gain after a workout make it all worth it (read more here).


I’m a huge fan of Rona Hartner, so I was more than happy to watch her and “The Zuralia Orchestra” performing on stage songs from their new album, “The Balkanik Gospel”. What a great show!


Inside the fitting room at Zara before buying these faux leather leggings with seam at the knee and this oversized checked shirt.


Cheers to Barcelona and its amazingly beautiful beaches and places!


This “Alice in Wonderland” phone case served me well during the past three months, but it was recently replaced with a new one I got from my trip to Barcelona.


1. “Closed Rooms” by Care Santos (read more about this book here);

2. story of my life;

3. my phone is always on low battery and this is what I hate the most;

4. “The Legend of Vrancea” – surprisingly good article found in WIZZ Magazine, the inflight magazine of Wizz Air.


Rise and shine: ready to board my flight to Barcelona (picture left) just 10 days after I bought the tickets (picture right).


Shoes I love:

1. Zara leather high heel ankle boots;

2. Nike Roshe Run shoe (and Superga sneaker in the background);

3. let’s dance the night away in these Zara sandals – oldies but goldies;

4. feeling like “one of the boys” in these Mango penny loafer (left) + leather oxford shoe (right).


Sporty outfits: inside the fitting room at Adidas.


1. fill in the blanks: “J’aime….”;

2. a Magnum ice cream a day keeps the doctor away! My favorite: Magnum White (vanilla bean ice cream dipped in white chocolate);

3. you got the looks and the taste: caffè latte at my favorite Coffee Shop, Origo;

4. best gifts ever for me and my father – these incredibly luxurious scents: “Black Orchid” by Tom Ford. Thanks, mom!


1. enjoying the breathtaking views over Barcelona from the Tower of San Sebastian;

2. there were plenty of them on the streets of Barcelona: BMW I8, you look absolutely stunning!

3. Starbucks coffee sold in supermarkets;

4. the views from Tibidabo hill in Barcelona.


Inside the fitting room(s) at Topshop, Adidas and H&M.


Work(out) hard or go home!


Selfies with my glasses and a pair of sunglasses I found in a very chic boutique in Barcelona.


This goes to those very few people in my life who can make me laugh during those moments when I feel like I can’t even smile. I feel so lucky to have you by my side. Forever grateful. ♥


Inside the fitting room at Zara trying on these black pants and open work high heel sandals.


1. taking some pictures for an outfit post (more here);

2. the golden hour (at Origo);

3. say my name, bitch!

4. Chupa Chups Mega Lollipops at El Prat airport (in Duty Frees).


1. “I don’t want half a heart
I want the whole damn thing.”

2. Love these sunglasses to death.


How do you know when the party’s over? The heels are gone and my hair’s up in a messy bun.


Taste the rainbow:

1. celebrating my best friend’s name day;

2. delicious fresh fruit juices from Spain’s oldest market: La Boqueria (a huge must when in Barcelona);

3. multicoloured macaroons at Paul;

4. tasty smoothie to end an utterly hectic day (at Energiea).


The last one from the gym – two years of hard working finally start to pay off.


And the last one from my “inside the fitting room” series: this time at COS (one of my favorite brands out there) trying on different shades of grey.


Selfies of the month: in the airplane before taking off.

– FIN –

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