Mobile updates – November 2016 + December 2016 + January 2017


Trei luni de când n-am mai postat nimic pe blog – trei luni adunate buluc în articolul de azi (așadar, vă anunț de pe acum că e vorba de unul destul de lung). Despre noua mea freză, zile de naștere, prieteni vechi, o scurtă excursie la Salonic, Crăciun, prima zăpadă din noul an, sală, dar și un mic indiciu legat de următoarea vacanță care va începe în doar câteva zile…despre toate acestea și alte chestioare vorbim în cele ce urmează.

P.S.: pentru un început de săptămână fabulos vă recomand piesa „Versace on the floor” by Bruno Mars (la mine e pe repeat de trei luni încoace haha #youwillthankmelater).


Celebrating my friend’s birthday – welcome to the club, Arina (#30andfabulous haha)! Friends since 2001.


Just being my gorgeous self haha. Photo from my friends’ wedding back in September.


Inside the beautiful COS store – Calea Victoriei, 116.


Never been the biggest fan of reading poetry (actually I used to fiercely hate this form of literature back in high school and nowadays I hardly ever read it), but last year I discovered the contemporary poet Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol and fell in love with everything she writes. These two poems are from her best-selling debut “Letters To The Men I Have Loved”. For more go check out her Instagram page here!


Coffee lover! Always!


November 17th marks the day some changes happened regarding my hair color and length. Blondes have more fun, right? Or at least that’s what they say.


Winter outfits on point haha. Before and after I got my hair cut.


1. that’s because I think I’m the best female driver in the whole wide world hahaha. #trustnobody;

2. never happened to me (or maybe one or two times haha);

3. well, I couldn’t have said it any better myself;

4. non, je ne regrette rien!


Inside the fitting room at Nike in Greece.


1. beauty is all in the eye of the beholder, they say, but I think that winter sunsets are more vivid and beautiful than any other time of the year;

2. evil eye cookie: yummy in my tummy;

3. this is what I eat before going to the gym;

4. it’s the most wonderful time of the year!


My beautiful friends and Sășica dressed as Santa Claus (or something like that hahaha).


Breakfast outside by the pool in December. Kalimera, Thessaloniki!


Beautiful weather and views in Nea Kallikratia, a small town used primarily as a weekend getaway with many residents of Thessaloniki owning second homes or apartments for stays during the incredible summers (it’s only 35 km away).


1. just a glimpse of the beautiful rooftop terrace at Secret Paradise Hotel & Spa in Nea Kallikratia;

2. + 3. coffee and Greek salad in Thessaloniki;

4. Canteen Bar-Restaurant: highly recommended.


My favorite city in Greece.


The most gorgeous winter sunset in Thessaloniki.


1. + 2. + 3. deep thoughts;

4. reality hahaha.


Selfies of the month(s).


#feettakeme: go search this hashtag on Instagram! + my gym shoes.


Christmas time in my hometown.


1. just a few more days left;

2. beauty;

3. get on my lips!

4. presents from my friends.


Christmas selfie.


1. Happy birthday, Costin! #30andfabulous.

2. my favorite Snapchat filter.


New Year’s resolution. Happy 2017!


And the last one joining the club #30andfabulous: happy birthday, Mireluș!


I think I’ll always remember this snowfall.


On my nails this past January: “After school boy blazer” (more here) and “Bahama mama” from Essie.


And we have a special guest at the gym this month.


1. the best picture you’ll find on Instagram;

2. look what you’ve done;

3. true story hahaha;

4. that headgear though.



– FIN –

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