Mobile updates – March 2016


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Postarea de astăzi este cea mai lungă din seria „mobile updates” dintre toate cele pe care le-am avut vreodată pe blog, iar lungimea este măsurată, în cazul de față, în numărul foarte mare de poze. De fiecare dată când am avut multe fotografii într-un articol am optat pentru un text mai scurt și viceversa pentru a echilibra oarecum situația.

Pe scurt, așadar, luna martie s-a concentrat, în mare parte, în jurul călătoriei la Barcelona (planificat, excursia propriu-zisă și poveștile de după), dar tot în această lună a început să prindă contur și următoarea vacanță, ceea ce mă bucură extrem de tare deoarece aveam în plan destinația (de fapt sunt mai multe destinații într-o singură excursie, un fel de 5 în 1, hahaha) cu pricina de vreo câteva luni bune, dar au tot intervenit diferite evenimente care mă făcuseră să-mi cam iau gândul. Despre toate acestea (dar în principal despre Barcelona) + alte câteva lucruri care s-au mai petrecut în luna martie vorbim în articolul de azi.


One last training before Barcelona, especially for her, and the “before and after” pictures in Carol Park. #letsgetstupidtogether


On my left wrist pretty soon (watch from Cluse and silver eternity on string bracelet from Malvensky) geogebra für mac herunterladen.


Inside the fitting room at Zara.


1. so cheer up hahaha;

2. and the full phrase was: “when the orthodontist finally says that its time to get them off”. Growing up or growing old? hahah;

3. not even bothering hahaha;

4. written by me!


You can have excuses or you can have results cleaner herunterladen kostenlos. However, you cannot have both. So, what’s it gonna be?


And here they are: the mobile pictures from our trip to Barcelona.

The waiting game was killing me. Our flight was delayed by almost seven hours. Thank you, Blueair, for driving me crazy that day!


My first time on top of the Tibidabo mountain. The panoramic view of Barcelona was absolutely breathtaking.


The spectacular view and the Amusement Park from Tibidabo.


So many selfies were taken under the colorful brickwork Arc de Triomf sidesync download kostenlos.


Cheers to this amazing city, to the beach, to the Erotic Museum (in the background, second picture, hahaha), to one of the best markets in the world (Mercat de Sant Josep de La Boqueria) and to this giant Basilica that has been under construction since 1882 – La Sagrada Familia!


Had some serious competition that day at posing hahhaha.


If I were to choose between La Pedrera and Casa Batllo, I would pretty much go for the first one.


Inside the fitting room at Topshop.


Selfie from top of the San Sebastian Tower nintendo games iphone.


Windy day on the beach.


Supporting my friend who run her first marathon in Barcelona (if you haven’t already, go read her story on this particular topic here!).


My view while eating a delicious lasagna. Not bad at all!


Just a quick reminder that love is all that matters.


And another one from Arc de Triomf das herunterladen von dateien engl.


Nike versus Adidas (last picture).


Inside the fitting room at Nike.


Hola, Barcelona! Are you ready for our selfies?


Sangria all day, everyday. And paella, and crema catalana and cookies.


The most spectacular sunset from this trip had to be the one we witnessed in Placa d’Espagna on our last evening in Barcelona. #alwayschasingsunsets.


Starting each day on the beach.


Ok, so on my second day in Barcelona one of my beloved brackets decided to have a party and separated from this brothers for almost a week. Damn you, little bastard!


Always look up when in Barcelona because this city’s buildings are insanely beautiful.


Picture break: Miramar gardens, Barceloneta beach, Llevant beach and the Blue Tram on Placa del Doctor Andreu (the top station near the Funicular del Tibidabo).


Views from top of the San Sebastian Tower.


And here we go again: us and Arc de Triomf.


You’ve stolen my heart!


My favorite neighborhood and area: Barceloneta.


The most beautiful Gothic building in Barcelona: the Cathedral (of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia).


Bought myself some new rings from a brand called “Drops of Love“.


Let’s have some drinks up here!


Unfortunately, neither this time could we take photos from Eclipse (the twenty-six floors above Barcelona rooftop bar from W Hotel) because it opens at 6pm and we were never in this area at that hour.


1. + 4. how cool are these junior running shoes from Asics?

2. always and forever: my favorite fragrance.

3. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Never Say Never” and Satin Lip Pencil in “Luxembourg”.


The last one, I promise!


Heading to La Vila Olimpica del Poblenou.


Inside the fitting room at &Other Stories.


This is how it’s done.


Saying hello and goodbye to this amazing city.


1. + 2. Barcelona, once again I had a blast (more photos here);

3. + 4. panning my next trip (flights already booked, now looking for accommodation). Any guesses where I’m going?


1. planning our two separate trips to Barcelona with my best friends over a healthy brunch at Frudisiac;

2. when your parents come back from their vacation almost at the same time as you and bring some presents;

3. my friend’s teddy bear is bigger than her;

4. my life is complete now hahhaaha.


And back to the gym after a break of more than two weeks.


I hadn’t trained my abs for more than half an year and then last week I worked them out for three days in a raw and that’s the result (picture right). Believe it or not, muscles do have memory and if they were once trained well, they will remember and won’t let you down. Of course, this isn’t yet my best shape, but we’re getting there soon.


Can’t wait!

– FIN –

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