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Huge mobile updates post ↓

Check it out!


Earlier this year (in January, to be more specific) the very talented designer Florin Dobre presented his autumn/winter 2014/2015 collection -“Follow the White Rabbit”- in London during the Men’s Fashion Week hosted by the Red Gallery and on March 4th we were all invited to MNAC (The National Museum of Contemporary Art) in Bucharest to watch his beautiful fashion show.


Last month it was all about Zara, so below you’ll see some pictures taken inside the fitting room, where I had a hard time choosing between several garments and accessories. Two-tone faux leather miniskirt (picture left) vs. neoprene printed dress (picture right) – I ended up buying the skirt.


I really enjoy going to Ad Hoc Bistro. It’s a nice and cool place in Bucharest but you should see/try it for yourself in order to decide if you like it or not.


Selfie mania is taking over the world alarm für cobra 11 simulator kostenlos downloaden! P.S.: I’m getting utterly tired of this phone case, although I absolutely loved it when I bought it – Paris is one of my top three favorite cities and I like everything that reminds me of it.


Cheers to “Follow the White Rabbit” by Florin Dobre! Having some fun while waiting for the fashion show to kick off.


“Hi! I’m a delicious jewel with low carbs.” Bon Bijou launched it’s online store last month and that called for a little celebration. Go and have a look at their website and jewelry here!


Inside the fitting room at Zara: skirt with side frill + leather wide heel sandals in nude vs teleboy app. structured mini skirt with frills + striped high heel sandals with ankle strap – I ended up buying the nude sandals (picture left) and the white mini skirt (picture right).


Dear stress and problems, please kindly get off from my life (or, in other words, fuck the hell off) because next week I’ll be travelling to Istanbul and I could really use some fun and a few days to remember. Thank you in advance!


Trying to improve my painting skills inside the beautiful Löwendal Mansion, built in the 20th century, which houses also the Löwendal Foundation (1 Cantacuzino Square). Definitely a must see when in Bucharest.


Such a huge fan of the Nike sneakers – #justdoit!


Me, my stupid face, a glass of….whatever…and my girls @ “Follow the White Rabbit” by Florin Dobre fashion show amazon prime kann nichten.


Just because we had to end the night in our own way: goofing around and taking pictures (selfies included).


Books of the month: “The Paris Wife” by Paula McLain (read more about it here) and “A Moveable Feast” by the greatest Ernest Hemingway (more about this one here) – both about the American author and his first wife, Hadley Richardson, and the years they spent in Paris in the glittering 1920s. Must read!


The eyeliner tragedy is a true story, at least in my case (as you can see).


1. + 4. and speaking about the eyeliner tragedy, that’s how it works for me or three easy steps on how to turn into a panda;

2 puffin browser kostenlos downloaden. + 3. ok, so just because I’m so bad at things like this ↑, I prefer a really light and natural look with my eye makeup.


1. + 2. + 3. double plum – thank you Salon Maison Paris for taking care of our nails!

4. my essentials for an at home manicure.


1. Save the date: 2nd of April – Zara launches it’s online store in Romania. Thank you People PR for this lovely gift! #dear_romania

2. + 3. + 4. my #armcandy: read more about it here!


Inside the fitting room at Zara: floral printed dress vs lieder von youtube herunterladen mac. abstract printed dress – I ended up buying the one you can see in the left picture.


“Let’s take pictures of ourselves and upload them to Instagram and/or Facebook asap!” That’s how we (sometimes) roll – long live the iPhone!


1. + 4. Make water taste better by using these cute reusable water bottles that filter water as it passes through them: Bobble!

2. + 3. Having a hard time learning how to drive an automatic transmission car, I guess I’m just old-fashioned!?!?


Outfit post (the only one from last month): wearing my beloved oversized coat, ankle boots and bag – all from Mango (see more pictures here).


My legs inside the fitting room at Zara: bought both the leather flat and heeled sandals. Hurray to that!


My anxious and hungry facial expressions while waiting for my delicious treats. #yummy #nomnom


1. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it: I’m teaching Aylin to take a selfie (duck lips included) – I’m a bad influence on kids.

2. + 3. This is Tasha, Aylin’s dog – such a lovely Shar Pei.

4. And this is me….well, used to be many years ago. Time flies….literally!


1. + 4. shoes from Musette’s spring/summer 2014 collection;

2. + 3. last month there were flowers everywhere: tulips in my house and roses at the bar. I’m not complaining.


Same leather jacket and bag with different leggings and sneakers – just because I love this kind of outfits.


#fromwhereistand or #feettakeme would be the proper hashtags for these pictures. P.S.: I still haven’t decided whether to buy these swiss dot jute slip-on shoes (the black espadrilles in the third picture) or not. I probably shouldn’t.


1. spectacular sunrise as seen and shot from my window;

2. I think that’s the name of that store;

3. beautiful lights outside Energiea pub/bar;

4. Saturday night at the (C.E.C.) Palace.


It’s absolutely incredible how fast my hair grows – I cut it almost two months ago and now I’m thinking about trimming my bangs and ends again any time soon.


Who doesn’t love sweets? Check out Sweet Delights for some of the most delicious cupcakes in Bucharest!


1. my mom’s and dad’s fragrances;

2. + 3. malicious harlequins on the walls of the Löwendal Mansion;

4. the best lip balms in the world are from Carmex.


1. + 2. @ Energiea pub/bar;

3. the last picture from inside the fitting room at Zara;

4. blurry me.


@ MNAC & @ Energiea.


1. purple flowers are always beautiful;

2. “Sic transit gloria mundi” (worldly things are fleeting) exhibit @ MNAC;

3. little corner of my home;

4. decoration by Dhaniel Nora at the launch of Dr. Murad facials in Romania.


1. caught in the act;

2. @ Origo, the best coffee shop in town;

3. my bracelets;

4. #fromwhereistand.


Always fooling around, but that’s what keeps us young (or so I think).


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