Mobile updates – June + July 2016


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Cum au fost lunile iunie și iulie pentru mine aflați astăzi din acest articol. Sper să vă placă pentru că eu una m-am distrat fantastic pregătind colajele și scriind textul.



Let’s get stupid together, level 1278598763.


1 geburtstagsvideo kostenlos herunterladen. these glasses: I don’t know why, but it was love at first sight. The thing is, each and everyone of my friends hate them, so I didn’t buy them. Yet!

2. + 3. long summer days at the pool in the sunlight;

4. and long summer nights out in the moonlight.


These Nike Free Transform Flyknit shoes had been my obsession for almost half an year, since they were released on April, 7 from And I waited for such a long time simply because I really wanted to get my hands on the purple ones (first picture) and of course they were nowhere to be found in stores in Romania. Long story short, they are mine now.


There comes a day in your life when you download an app called Snapchat and you take your selfie game to the next level hahaha.


First had my eyes upon these beautiful nude leather sandals from Mineli Boutique on June and got them for my birthday two months later 3sat mediathek video herunterladen. Thank you, M&M!


Pretending we don’t know someone is taking a photo of us hahaha. Happy birthday to my lovely friend, D!


Out and about in beautiful Stockholm. If you haven’t already, click here for lots and lots of pictures from my trip to Scandinavia ebook kindle herunterladen.


When in Stockholm, go to Gamla Stan (the Old Town) and eat the best pancakes ever (at Cafe Gramunken), delicious ice creams and other sweets. The beer is pretty good as well from what I heard (I don’t drink beer).


1. how to look fashionable as fuck on a rainy day in Stockholm;

2. amazingly beautiful streets of Stockholm (Jakobsbergsgatan);

3 kinemaster kostenlos herunterladen pc. “Deep beneath the 14 islands which make up Stockholm, channelling the Baltic Sea into a collection of waterways, lies the world’s longest art exhibition.” – (read the full article here) – the Stockholm metro is truly an art museum in itself;

4. beautiful ring from &Other Stories.


Always look up when travelling! Beautiful Art Nouveau building in Stockholm: Hotel Diplomat.


My absolute favorite building in Stockholm has to be Stadshuset (the City Hall). This place is absolutely amazing and it is also the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet.


First of all, July 30 has always been a special day for me because is my father’s birthday. Secondly, July 30, 2016 marks the day I got my first pair of Asics (last picture).


10:30 pm – the most beautiful sunset in Stockholm with my favorite building (Stadshuset) in the background.


The day my favorite Minion came to visit me in my hometown. Epic hahaha.


Inside the fitting room at &Other Stories (I wish my hair would look like this every single day).


1. well, there are some ugly (as fuck) people in this world. Mainly on the inside;

2. wise words hahaha;

3. story of my life every single day over these past two months hahhaaaha. Damn you, H.!


Beauty everywhere in Helsingborg (Sweden’s closest point to Denmark).


Only two of the 19 pairs of bronze shoes along the David Hall Bridge, which pay tribute to Malmo’s famous artists and performers.


Travel outfits for my Scandinavia tour.


Snapchat filters – the truth being said, we look so much better in real life. NOT! Hahhaha.


Hamburg is, no doubt, in my top three favorite cities I have ever been to. Legend has it that the so-called “Venice of the North” has more canals and bridges than Amsterdam and Venice put together. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but trust me when I say: Hamburg is pure magic!


When in Hamburg, take lots of pictures! Of yourself haha.


Looking pretty damn nice: Daniel Wellington watch and &Other Stories bracelet.


1. celebrating these two cutie pies’ first birthday at the pool;

2. + 3. my legs are better than yours;

4. meet my youngest admirer (he’s too shy for selfies hahhaa).


More pictures from Copenhagen and Berlin (2016 edition): here!


How freaking cool is this Mickey Mouse vintage cropped hoodie from Topshop? Too bad I didn’t buy it.


I am watching you. Sibiu, July 2016.


Stupid selfies of the month(s) + snapchat filters + full moon.

– FIN –

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