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Luna februarie s-a concentrat aproape în totalitate în jurul vacanței în Emiratele Arabe Unite: de la planificat, la a fi efectiv acolo și a trăi fiecare moment la intensitate maximă și până la întoarcerea în țară și visatul cu ochii deschiși încă vreo săptămână la nebunia și totodată spectacolul de oraș pe care, pentru mine una cel puțin, l-a reprezentat Dubaiul. Însă, din fericire, se pleacă din nou și destul de curând!

Despre călătorii și alte lucruri (destul de puține la număr, ce-i drept) care au făcut ca această lună să fie una nesperat de bună vorbim în cele ce urmează spotify music automatically.


And so it begins: from this to that in a blink of an eye (well, actually after a five-hour flight).


My top seven things to do in the United Arab Emirates:

1 complete books for free. go to the beach (every single day) for sunbathing, long relaxing walks, drinks and shisha, socializing, camel rides, etc;


2. go to Abu Dhabi and visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (a masterpiece of modern Islamic architecture and design);


3 instagram images android. embark on a desert safari;


4. be on top of the world by visiting Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world);


5 age of empires 3 download full version free german. go shopping: only at Abercrombie & Fitch in Mall of the Emirates (the last pic is from Zara though);





6. take a lot of mirror selfies on the elevator (hahaha);


7 diashow facebooken. just enjoy your time there: being able to travel to such a different country (from anything I had ever seen before) has truly been a blessing (for more pictures from my trip to Dubai & Abu Dhabi click here).


P.S.: for those of you asking, this dress is from H&M from their Spring/Summer 2014 collection and that was my second time wearing it (in Abu Dhabi).


Airport life: time to say goodbye for now, Dubai.


1. + 2. Dubai, you have been amazing!

3. + 4. next and pretty soon.


Things you can afford and things you wish you could afford (last pic).


Smile! It confuses people.


Inside the fitting room at Nike (all these clothes are not yet available in stores in Romania, but the shoes are).




On my nails this past month: “Chinchilly” (a sleek granite gray – more here) and “Bordeaux” (a deep red wine – more here) from Essie.


Selfies of the month.


All that matters in life: fast and red cars (just kidding), food and love.

– FIN –

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