Mobile updates – February 2014

Long story short: new month, new mobile updates post.

February 2014 ↓

outfit post: showcasing my favorite beanie in the whole world, purchased last December from American Apparel in Vienna (see more pictures here!);

chasing colors: well, I have this thing (called obsession) for graffiti walls and colorful street art;

finally got this beautiful ring from Frey Wille’s “Hunderwasser” collection for my mum’s 50th anniversary;

desperately hoping Spring will come soon while strolling the streets in a total Zara look and my precious André leather ankle boots;

books and tulips (although I’m not as dead keen on flowers as I am on books):

1. if you haven’t already, do go buy and read this book – I’m absolutely sure you’re gonna love it (“Miezul nopții în Cartierul Felinarelor Stinse” – find my book review here!);

4. if you’re looking for something easy to read and if you’re into Gothic fiction, “The Distant Hours” by the Australian author Kate Morton should suit your needs (read more about it here!);

1. outfit post: wearing my beloved ripped knee pants (see more pictures here!);

2. right after my daily workout I went to the grocery store and bumped into my favorite dog (I love Shar Pei puppies and hope one day I’ll own one in flesh and blood);

“things are never quite as scary when you have a BFF”:

1. so glad I managed to catch up with my ex team last month – these kids are amazingly talented;

2. + 3. menswear: effortlessly chic vs smart casual;

4. H&M phone cases;

my head is bigger than your’s;

1. this “Eye Brown” pen from MAC (in Lingering) actually changed my life;

1. winter wonderland (as seen from my window on a very early morning);

2. + 3. I’ve never been a fan of UGG boots and never bought a pair but, nevertheless, I recently opted for something similar and much cheaper to wear when running errands;

4. I lost my car key (again!) and that’s how a police station looks like in 2014 – the communist-era legacy is here to stay forever;

this puffer coat proved to be a great investment piece of clothing (see more pictures of the first look here!);

1. Saturday’s plan: let’s stay in tonight!

2. + 3. I could live a week with only eating tiramisu and drinking cappuccino;

4. my winter skincare routine;

trying to master the art of taking selfies in the mirror (P.S.: don’t worry, I didn’t end up buying this floppy wool hat);

1. + 4. I got my ears pierced almost 15 years ago and, although now I hardly ever wear earrings, I still keep all the pairs that I bought (and wore) when I was a teenager in a small box and treasure each and every one of them (read more about it here!);

2. + 3. legs, legs, legs – probably my favorite part of my body;

wearing skirts and pressing buttons (or touch-screen controls) on the phone (such a bad habit) on a freezing winter night;

1. the love of my life;

2. in bed with Winnie the Pooh;

3. this small bowling bag in orange from Mango looks pretty cute;

4. lipstick & nail polish;

goofing around seems to be the right thing to do.

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