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This past December was quite of a bittersweet month for me, with a lot of ups and downs. It started with my short trip to Vienna (here), that I actually enjoyed to the fullest, then I came back home to face some work-related misunderstandings which left me kind of sorely disappointed, I stopped going to the gym for four weeks in a row because I was constantly on the road and then, all of a sudden, it was Christmas time. For the past eight years I have always spent Christmas in the city where I was born and raised, together with my parents and family and this year was no exception autobahnpolizei simulator 2 herunterladen. I truly love this time of the year because, beside getting together with my family, I also get to meet some of my old friends who don’t live in Bucharest and those are the moments I treasure the most. It doesn’t matter how we’ve changed over the years, if we got married or had kids, if we made new friends or changed jobs, there’s always something to laugh about, old and new stories to be told over and over again, reminiscences of our mid and high school days when we were so happy, had so many dreams and so much fun. Old, dear friends are like stars: you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there to brighten up your day and light up your life engel und teufel kostenlosen.

One of my best and one of my most beautiful (both inside and outside) friends. Oh, did I forget to mention she’s an expert on homemade mayonnaise? Or so I’ve heard. Nevertheless, I am so grateful to have her in my life (although I’ve never told her this).

1 geburtstagsvideo herunterladen kostenlos. + 4. there were some though decisions to be made and still are;

2. + 3. 5th of December 2012 vs 5th of December 2013: it’s Saint Nicholas’ Eve and I’ve been a good girl all year, so I have high expectations;

slightly different color and length inside the fitting room @ COS – finally I got to keep the grey one (left);

It’s that time of the year, Christmas time I mean:

1. + 4. the story of my life during and after Christmas;

2. my mother really knows how to adorn a Christmas tree in the most beautiful way;

3. that window of my room in my parents house….when I was a child I used to look through it for hours without an end and imagine my future and how my life would turn out when I’ll be a grown up herunterladen. Still doing that today.

Once again: We.Are.Family.And.We.Will.Always.Be.

1. you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, am I?

2. Marciano is slowly but surely becoming a fashion victim ♥;

3 app store mac. Lovely Malvensky gifts for Christmas (here);

4. I’ll always have a cup of cappuccino and a glass of water…exactly in that order;

In Budapest for one night:

1. + 4. loved that antique telephone, a piece of art;

2. the view from my hotel room;

3 access 2007 download kostenlos. keep calm and sit down on this beautiful red velvet armchair;

Ok, at the beginning of this post I was being quite sentimental talking about my old, dear friends. The thing is, I would have nothing, if  I didn’t have them and those two girls in these pictures above are my oldest friends. One of them has recently moved into a new home and for Christmas we pasted some Minnie Mouse stickers on that glass door together with her three-year-old daughter → precious moments I’ll always cherish!

If you ever happen to be in Deva and look for a nice place to spend the night, do check out this guesthouse formular ratenzahlung kostenlos download. It looks pretty awesome.

1. so happy I managed to score this cozy chunky turtleneck sweater right before leaving for Vienna;

2. the coffee after my last work out at the gym in 2013;

1. display @ Cos Vienna;

2. my favorite acquisitions for this winter: Essie – “Licorice”, “Fishnet Stockings” and “After School Boy Blazer” (here) + 910 base coat from ANNY;

3 music only from youtube. those bottles of wine…love the name;

4. I’ll have a Thierry Mugler perfume cocktail;

So happy to see these girls again this Christmas, It had been a while…..

1. Café Central interior vaulted stone ceiling….I mean…WOW!

2. “Beauty is an enormous, unmerited gift given randomly, stupidly.” → “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseini (read all about it here);

3 herunterladen. this vintage Mark 2 Jaguar looks pretty fierce;

4. long live Demel and it’s delicious sweets!

taking selfies in the mirror has became my new hobby 😀

1. Aylin says Hi (and whyyyyyyy?);

2. + 3. that’s what I call a great packaging design;

4. the only carol singers I listened to this Christmas;

1 oe1 beiträgeen. huge Kinder chocolate egg (Christmas edition);

2. I’ve never known the name of this thing/object;

1. + 2. + 3. loved my hotel room in Vienna, so beautiful;

4. time for an after dinner digestive: a glass of Ouzo and I’m gonna dance the night away;

1. + 4. road to nowhere;

2. + 3. those little babies make my live so much easier (too bad they go on gasoline and not on water or something cheaper).

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