Mobile updates – August 2016


Luna august a reprezentat întotdeauna pentru mine cea mai specială lună din an, în principal din simplul motiv că atunci îmi serbez ziua de naștere. Anul acesta, pe lângă o vacanță super frumoasă în niște locuri în care nu mai fusesem niciodată până acum și schimbarea prefixului (lucru pe care nu-l așteptam cu cel mai mare interes din lume hahaha), am reușit să duc la bun sfârșit operațiunea „îndreptatul dinților”, adică mi-am scos aparatul dentar (doar de pe arcada superioară, pe cel de pe cea inferioară urmează să-l dau jos peste trei zile yupi yupi yey!) și sunt foarte mulțumită cu ce a ieșit. Despre toate acestea + incă vreo câteva lucruri vorbim astăzi pe blog.


Helsinki, you are beautiful! But only when the sun shines bright. Click here to read more about this interesting city!


Peeing in public is not very nice, kids! This 8.5-metre-tall sculpture is called “Bad Bad Boy” and can be found near the West Ferry Terminal in Helsinki.


Recommendation: when in Helsinki, go stay at GLO Hotel Art! You can thank me later.


The last one from Helsinki:

1. one of the most beautiful cafes I have ever been to: Cafe Carusel;

2. oh, hello sex bomb!

3. made a new friend while sipping my cappuccino at Strindberg Alfresco Cafe on Esplanadi boulevard;

4. yummy vegetarian lunch at Levant Middle Eastern Street Food restaurant.


The Baltic states have stolen my heart! “The Times we had” in Tallinn.


Forgot to post this beautiful picture on my article about the Baltic states, so here you have it now: the seaside resort of Jurmala in Latvia located only 33 km away from Riga.


Vilnius, what an amazing city you are! Hot air balloons went into the skies above Vilnius the day I visited the city. What a magic sight and way to end my trip to the Baltic states. Read more about it and see lots and lots of pictures here!


Cheers to an incredible beautiful two-weeks trip to the Nordic countries and the Baltic states! Warsaw was the final point of this amazing journey. #blessed!


Read more about my travel outfits from my two-weeks trip here!


Holiday’s over, now back to reality and back to the gym. #prafdupatreisaptamanidepauza


1. I’ve always wondered what’s his secret hahha;

2. + 3. the poop emoji is my favorite emoji;

4. rollin’ with bae.


#iwokeuplikethis: finally the day has come – got my braces off (just on my upper teeth) after less than an year of wearing them and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Few more days until I’ll also get rid of my lower teeth’s braces, so stay tuned for a new article about this specific topic, coming soon to a blog near you hahhaa! Until then, go and check out my first and only post about my decision of getting braces (as an adult) here!


“There are stars you haven’t seen and loves you haven’t loved, there’s light you haven’t felt and sunrises yet to down, there are dreams you haven’t dreamt and days you haven’t lived, and nights you won’t forget, and flowers yet to grow, there is more to you that you have yet to know.” #birthdaygirl


Not a big fan of weddings, but this was by far the best one I’ve attended. Had so much fun that night. Wish you all the happiness in the world, Bobo & Bia!


R.I.P. to my favorite dress ever, who got scorched by my mother while trying to iron it just minutes before heading to my friend’s wedding. I will never forget you!


First time trying out a protein powder: Syntha-6.


1. the best birthday present: seeing my favorite band perform live on stage at Summer Well Festival. Thank you, F.!

2. my sunglasses are bigger than yours;

3. story of my life over the past two years;

4. best coffee in town: always at Origo.


With my fat friends in Helsinki and Tallinn.


1. + 2. when in my hometown, I go to this gym for the clown view hahhaha;

3. walking down the street with my Asics on;

4. lately I’ve been wearing (at the gym) and collecting sports bras: #mynewhobby.


I like taking pictures of myself and I also ask my friends to do it: narcissistic personality disorder at it’s finest hahaha

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